Dr. Amos Chege Kirongo, Ph.D.

Technology inspired by nature.

About Me

Dr. Amos Chege Kirongo, Ph.D. is Coordinator Innovations and Entrepreneurship in the Directorate of Research Development and Extension, and a Lecturer Computer Science in the School of Computing and Informatics Department of Computer Science at the Meru University of Science and Technology in Kenya. He is also the Founder of Decma Technologies Inc., an Information Technology Consulting firm that specializes in Corporate Training, Mentorship in Innovations and software development, and serves as Vice-Chair IEEE YP Kenya. Dr. Chege is a specialist in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, with accomplished applied research in Image Processing, Assistive Technologies, AgriTech, and Software-Defined Network Security.

Dr. Chege has created solutions for farmers faced with challenges in the detection of a variety of plant stresses through the application of digital imaging with Convolution Neural Network and TensorFlow. In Assistive Technologies, Dr. Chege with his research team have done research work in the area of Competence Network for e-Inclusion and Assistive Technologies and managed to attract seed fund and Multidisciplinary research grant of 15 Million Kenya Shillings from the National Research Fund of Kenya, for the development and implementation of Information Communications Technology (ICT) based Assistive Devices for Learners in Special School with special needs which are ongoing research.

Dr. Chege has published a Book Chapter in Enterprise Resource Planning Adoption Initiatives based on experiences attained while serving as the Systems Administrator at the Meru University of Science and Technology. In the area of Open Government Data, Dr. Chege together with his co-author, succeeded in proposing a model for integration of Open Government Data to Content Management Systems in Kenya. The research findings were presented during the Nairobi Innovation Week Research Symposium at the University of Nairobi in March 2017. During the 11th Egerton University’s International Conference and Innovation Week, held in March 2017, Dr. Chege was awarded the Best Paper Presentation in the category of Governance, Law, and Security, in his review paper on public sector adoption of Open Government Data Initiatives.

Currently, Dr. Chege has ongoing research interests in the area of Machine Learning for AgriTech, eLearning, Natural Language Processing, Assistive Technologies, and Software Defined Networks Security.

You can reach Dr. Chege through;

Mobile No.: +254 720 984 636 or

Email: info@amoschege.com