Dr. Amos Chege Kirongo, Ph.D.

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A Review of Open Government Data Adoption Initiatives in Public Sector

Authors Dorothy G Bundi and Amos C Kirongo

Open government data has been said to result in decrease in bureaucracy, eradication of corruption and reduction of the cost of invention. The aforementioned primarily applies to data availed by public organizations:  governments, counties and wards.  This review paper investigates how well public corporations and parastatals would adopt and implement open data initiative and the potential impacts on their operations. It highlights the open government data life-cycle with a focus on public government services needed in an open government data initiative. The current approaches adopted for such initiatives are categorized and addressed. The findings within related literature, and the challenges to open government data initiatives are discussed. The study will also extract guidelines for public government services. This study outlines observed impacts, benefits and challenges as well as expected outcomes.

Key words: Open Data; Government Data; Open Government Data Life Cycle; Data Portals, Public Government Services