Status and challenges in the implementation of e-learning in Kenyan private universities: A case of Kenya Methodist University


Author: Kirongo C. Amos and Bundi G. Dorothy

This paper discusses the status and challenges faced by Private Universities in Kenya in e-learning Implementation and suggests possible approaches to its successful implementation. In the last decade, most Kenyan Private Universities have adopted e-learning as a new approach to content delivery to improve teaching and learning. However, the effective utilization of e-learning in private universities continues to be a challenge. This paper presents the findings from a survey of 226 students and 20 staff members of Kenya Methodist University Main and Meru Town Campuses who are currently using e-learning. The aim of this study was to investigate the status and challenges in the implementation of e-learning in Kenyan Private Universities. Data was collected through questionnaires and document analysis. The findings revealed that staff and students are aware of the existence of the e-learning platform, while its implementation has results to some challenges. However, the benefits and opportunities provided by e-learning overshadows the challenges. This paper finally recommends possible solutions that private universities could adopt to successfully implement e-learning.
Keywords: Status, Challenges, Implementation, eLearning

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