A Review of Image Processing Software Techniques for Early Detection of Plant Drought Stress



Author: Chege A. Kirongo
Abstract: Water stress is one of the most important growth-limiting factors in crop production around the world, water in plants is
required to permit vital processes such as nutrient uptake, photosynthesis, and respiration. Drought stress in plants causes major
production losses in the agricultural industry worldwide. There is no sensor commercially available for real-time assessment of health
conditions in beans. Currently, there are several methods to evaluate the effect of water stress on plants and commonly practiced
method over the years for stress detection is to use information provided by remote sensing. Studies exist which determined the effect
of water stress in plants grown under the different watering regime, while other studies explore the performance of the artificial neural
network techniques to estimate plant yield using spectral vegetation indices. This review recognizes the need for developing a rapid
cost-effective, and reliable health monitoring sensor that would facilitate advancements in agriculture

Keywords: Image Processing, Artificial Neural Networks, Drought stress, Algorithm, Technique

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